Residential Movers

Planning a local or long-distance move?


     Contact WolfePack Residential Moving experts. With agents that are, the leading industry experts available to help, we will make your move as simple as possible.

     We know that when a customer chooses WolfePack Residential Moving Services, they choose excellence. Our agents work tirelessly to maintain this reputation with an unwavering dedication to safety, service, and integrity.

Commercial Moves

Corporate Relocation?

Moving Your Office or an employee?


     Is your company relocating or transferring you to a new location? Did a new job offer to a position out of town?

     Is the company paying direct or did they give you a lump sum payment for your relocation? Are you managing your own corporate move? Do you plan corporate moves for your employees?          WolfePack Corporate Relocation can customize a relocation package to fit your unique needs and budget.

     As America’s #1 moving company, WolfePack offers comprehensive moving, packing, and storage services in addition to convenient full-service moving packages designed to save you valuable time and money.

Specialty Service

Convenience with WolfePack Transport

     WolfePack is always willing to go the extra mile to help make your move easier.

     With WolfePack convenience service add-ons, we can arrange for a team of professionals to help with your move-out or move-in needs.

The most popular services

   Home Electronics                   Move-Out/Move-In 

Disassembly/Assembly               Cleaning Service



Debris Pickup


Vehicle  Transport - Open

Open Carrier

     This type of car hauling provided for

7 to 10 at one time.  
     This allows us to ship multiple vehicles and that means a lower cost to ship a car and you save.  That way your auto shipping is divided by the number of cars shipping at a time. 

     This type of vehicle shipping is provided for longer moves.  

Car shipping/auto transport services from coast to coast is an example of this or moving a vehicle from state to state. 

    Trust WolfePack Open Vehicle Transport

Enclosed Transport.JPG

Vehicle Shipping - Enclosed

Enclosed Carrier

     This type of car transport service is for our clients that want more protection for there vehicle transport or motorcycle transport.  

     This type of transport is usually used for classic car transport or exotic car transport.  

     This type of vehicle transport is offered coast to coast as well as local car shipping.  We offer this type of service for motorcycle shipping upon request.

     Trust WolfePack Enclosed Car Transport. Call today to get a cost to ship a car, motorcycle, and much more.

Specialty Transport 2.jpg

Specialty Shipping

Specialty Cargo Service

     WolfePack Specialty Shipping and      Transport offers specialty shipping.

     This type of shipping is done when you don't need an auto transport service, but something that is close to it. This type of vehicle transport is designed for Gulf Carts shipping, Oversize vehicle shipping, and yes the Flintstones as well.  Maybe the George Jetsons will call next to get a car shipping quote or maybe flying saucer.


     * Add On Services Subject to additional terms and conditions. Limitations may apply based on your service areas.

     ** Subject to additional terms contained in the Speciality Services.

    *** All services provided by WolfePack, subsidiary companies, or third-parties, including these,

may be changed at any time and are subject to additional rules, terms and conditions as contained

in WolfePack Transport Terms and Conditions.


Please ask your agent for more information about our packages and services.