WolfePack Transport  Corporate Philosophy

  1. To listen to all our client's needs for a car transport service, household moving services, office moving services, packing services, or anything else they may need. 

  2. Give fair and reasonable prices for all moving, shipping, transporting or any other service needed.

  3. Understand each and every client has individual needs and desires. 

  4. Be willing not to take money for shipping from clients until scheduled. 

  5. Be available to customer’s needs and desires. 

  6. Work hard at making each and every customer happy. 

  7. Enjoy working with our clients.

  8. Pride ourselves and giving fair and honest cost to ship.

WolfePack Transport  Mission Statement


Over the last 20 years, it has been a passion of ours to commit to bettering and protecting the environment, health, and safety of our clients, by sanitizing our enclosed trucks every time we complete our load and the health and safety of our employees (family). The process of sanitizing our trailers is done with the highest quality of environmentally friendly products and equipment. WolfePack recognizes that it is our responsibility to do our part and protecting the planet for future generations.


WolfePack’s foundation was built on our values and it still is the guiding beacon today. Our values are what guide our actions and make us different from other companies. We conduct our business practices in a socially responsible and ethical manner. WolfePack respects the laws of the states that we conduct business in and our federal government. WolfePack Transport supports universal human rights and at the same time respects other cultures, races, religions, and an individual’s rights.


WolfePack Transport 

Commitment, to our clients, the community, and our family (employees)

  1. To protect the environment.

  2. To give back to the community we conduct business in, the Time to Pay-It-Forward Initiative.

  3. To listen to all our clients’ needs on Vehicle Transport Services, Residential Moving, Business Moving, Corporate Relocation, and anything else they may need.

  4. Give fair and reasonable prices on all transport, moving, and any other service needed.

  5. To maintain the highest level of integrity, as that is what we expect our clients to have in WolfePack as a company and with our family.

  6. Understand and express that you may start as a client, but by the time we do your transport or move you are part of our family.

  7. Be available to our family’s needs.

  8. Work hard at making each and every family member happy.

  9. Enjoy working with our newest and oldest family members.

  10. Take pride within ourselves and giving fair and honest cost to ship or move your prized possessions.

WolfePack Transport   Quality Promise


WolfePack Auto Transport specializes in three areas;

1. Household Moving, Office Moving, Packing & Unpacking Services, and Storage.

2. Car Transport Services, Car ShippingMotorcycle ShippingTruck ShippingSUV Shipping, and Boat 


3. Specialty Services to make your moving experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.


So when you have to set up Moving or Transport Services we are here to help.  We offer Open-Air Vehicle Transport and Enclosed Vehicle Transport services for our clients that want maximum protection of there vehicle. We also offer Home and Office Moving that is orchestrated around each client's needs. Call now to get a fair and competitive price that will meet your needs, not ours. 

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