Corporate Relocation Services

WolfePack understands that your company’s relocation needs are unique. We can help your company develop a corporate relocation plan that fits your organization’s needs without compromising service or quality, regardless of your company’s size.


If you are an employee relocating with a lump sum, WolfePack can help streamline your corporate move so you can concentrate on your new assignment. From helping you with packing, storage and even finding a realtor in your new town or city.  WolfePack Corporate Relocation Services can eliminate some of the stressful tasks that come with corporate relocation.


Corporate Relocation Manager, WolfePack can act as a seamless extension of your relocation team, providing necessary administrative tasks and move management, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your job. Our goal is to help your employees arrive at their destinations on time and within budget, so they can settle into their new role sooner. If your transferee has a smaller move, see all of the benefits of our small move program.

Full Packing Services

WolfePack Professional Packing Services has professional packing teams that can save time and reduce the stress of moving. Corporate Relocation can be more demanding than other moves so let WolfePack Professional Packing Services to the hard part. Click Here For More Detail.


Partial Packing Services

WolfePack Professional Packing Services give you our client choices. You can choose the items/rooms you would like us to handle and you can take care of the rest. Click Here For More Detail.


Fragile & Antiques Packing Services

WolfePack Professional Packing Services have specially trained teams that can come in and just pack and crate your prized possessions. Packing fragile and antiques are handled differently, so we are here to help. Click Here For More Detail.

Electronics, Computers, Phones Removal and Reinstalling

WolfePack Electronics Team will go in and remove all your electronics and reinstall them at your new place. Our professional team will recycle as much of your existing equipment as possible, unlike other companies that will leave valuable things behind because it is much easier. Click Here For More Detail.


Unpacking Services

WolfePack Professional Unpacking Professional Services can help you get organized. WolfePack will unpack your boxes and get you organized. We have teams of professional organizers that can change your life. This will allow you our client the time and ability to focus on your new job. Click Here For More Detail.


Trash and Debris Removal

When you set up your move let us know that you would like our professional cleanup team to come back and remove all the trash that is left behind after any move.


WolfePack can also set up a time to come back and remove all the boxes and packing material along with any items that you decided you did not want after you have moved in and dispose of it all. WolfePack is an eco-friendly company so we will recycle and donate everything possible before we haul the remaining to the local landfill. Click Here For More Detail.


Cleaning Service

WolfePack Cleaning Services can send in a cleaning crew after you move out to get your old home or office ready to return to a landlord or the individual who purchased the property from you. Click Here For More Detail.


Corporate Storage Options

WolfePack Storage is fully equipped to handle short-term and long-term storage needs. WolfePack Storage understands that companies have different needs when relocating existing employees and hiring new employees. This process can require longer periods of time before a permanent home is established, so WolfePack Storage will keep it secured for you. WolfePack Storage has you covered. Click Here For More Detail


Corporate Moving Services FAQ

Get answers to common questions about Corporate Moving and Relocation. Click Here For More Detail

WolfePack A-Z Moving Guide - Free

This guidebook will allow the employer and your employees to navigate a Corporate Move easily and simply, allowing for the focus to be on work and not the move.