Frequently Asked


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It’s normal to have questions when moving to new places. Here are the answers to many of the questions we hear from our clients. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please as one of our customer service experts. We are always here to help.

Where do I begin?

Before you move, you’ll need to know where you are moving to, when you would like to move, and have a good idea of the things you want to move to. Then you can start by requesting a free online quote from WolfePack: Click here to get started. Or call us directly at 866-945-7778 to talk to one of our customer service experts.


Does WolfePack Long Distance Moving Services move long distances?  

Yes, WolfePack Transport and Logistics provide local, long-distance interstate and interstate moves throughout the U.S.

Can WolfePack Local Moving Services move me locally?

Your Personal WolfePack agent can also help you with local moves within your community, county, or state.

What items will WolfePack Transport not move?

  1. By law, WolfePack Moving Service is prohibited from moving certain things such as many household cleaning chemicals, fireworks, etc.

  2. WolfePack Transport has a complete list of non-allowable items and things you should plan on moving yourself here: Click here to see a complete list.


Can WolfePack help me pack? Or may I do my own packing if WolfePack moves me?

Yes, WolfePack provides professional packing services to remove the stress when you go to new places. Our moving and packing experts are trained to work efficiently and use best practices to ensure your goods are ready to travel safely. Yes if you would prefer, you can do your own packing—or ask your WolfePack Customer Service Expert to pack particular items for you. Find out more about WolfePack packing services: Click Here for WolfePack Professional Packing


Who provides packing material and supplies?

WolfePack Professional Moving Services uses professional grade packing materials to prepare your items for transport. We also provide these materials to you at competitive prices if you prefer to do your own packing. Don’t worry WolfePack Professional Moving Services will bring packing and moving supplies with us on moving day, i.e. boxes, tape, packing material, blankets, moving pads, crating material for fragile items, etc.. Here are some of the packing supplies we routinely provide for customers: Packing Materials & Supplies


Will WolfePack Transport move my pet?

WolfePack Transport's main goal is to make sure every member of your family experiences a good move. While WolfePack is not authorized to transport live animals, your WolfePack Transport’s experts can recommend providers who specialize in this service. Animals are like people and come with there own set of anxieties. Your best options may be to move them yourself. Here’s a guide to help you: Moving with Pets

What is the best way to move your house plants?

The answer depends on several factors, such as the kinds of plants, the distance they will travel, and the time of year/weather conditions. To ensure your house plants arrive alive and well: How to Move Plants


Do I need, moving insurance to cover my move?

WolfePack Moving Services takes great care to prevent loss or damage to your goods. However, in the event something unforeseen should happen, we recommend Full Value Protection. Technically, it’s not insurance—but it provides coverage to repair or replace anything that may be lost, damaged, or destroyed while in our care. It is best to discuss the options available to you with a WolfePack Moving Services expert. Insurance options that are available to you.


What payment methods does WolfePack accept?

Your WolfePack Agent will collect a deposit when you place the order, the balance will be collected unloading at destination, or you may opt to pay at the time your goods are loaded onto the truck. WolfePack accepts cash, credit card, PayPal, ApplePay, Check (certified check, traveler’s check, bank check, or personal check is accepted with certain limitations) or other electronic payment systems. Here’s a detailed description of accepted payment methods: Paying for your Relocation


How does WolfePack Moving Services calculate the price for your move?

WolfePack determines the cost of your move based on the weight, cubic foot, and distance it will travel. Our quote provides an approximate price. For a precise estimate, your WolfePack expert customer service agent will walk through your move and note everything to be transported, to give you an accurate price. If things change on moving day our onsite experts will go over these changes in the event the price goes down or up. WolfePack's goal is always customer satisfaction. Tips to help you budget your move with an accurate estimate: Estimate Moving Expenses

Why should I use a professional moving company like WolfePack Profesional Moving Company?

Unfortunately, the moving industry has its share of unethical operators. For your reassurance, every WolfePack Team Member is a vetted professional mover. WolfePack attests to ethical and responsible business conduct. WolfePack Transport is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.

How long does it take to move?

The time it takes to move depends on several factors, such as the size of your move, where you are moving to, and time of year. Talk to your WolfePack Moving agent about your timing requirements. We want to meet your expectations.


Does WolfePack Auto Transport move cars?

Yes, WolfePack Auto Transport routinely moves cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, and other large or special items. More information about our capabilities: Vehicle Shipping.

What if I need storage for some things?

Storage goes hand-in-hand with moving. WolfePack Moving and Storage offer secure storage, for as long as you may need, in WolfePack warehouses from coast to coast. WolfePack Storage Options


Am I protected against loss or damage while my belongings are in transit?

All shipments are automatically afforded minimal protection, valued at $0.60 per pound. However, WolfePack recommends Full Value Protection (FVP), which ensures repair or replacement in the event an item is lost or damaged. WolfePack Insurance and Valuation Options

What should I do with my high-value items?

WolfePack recommends you take small, high-value items and things with personal or sentimental value with yourself when you move. Here are an explanation and list of things you should keep with you when you move: Moving Personal Items & Family Heirlooms

How can I track my shipment?

As a client of WolfePack, you have access to our customer service team online that will supply you with the location of your transport and provide the cellular phone number of the driver/carrier so you are always welcome to call them and ask what is your location and when do they anticipate delivery.