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Wolfe, Scott D. WolfePack Moving Survival Guide. Simi Valley: WolfePack Transport, 2019. Print.

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Chapter 1 

Essential Moving Tips                                    (View Online)

Chapter 2

Essential Rules of Packing  Effectively       (View Online)

Chapter 3 

Pre-Packing Checklist                                     (View Online)

Chapter 4

Essential Moving Checklist                           (View Online)

Chapter 5

Prohibited Items Checklist                             (View Online)

Chapter 6

Shipping Firearms and Ammunition           (View Online)

Chapter 7

Moving Sale                                                     (View Online)

Chapter 8

First Night Moving Box                                  (View Online)

Chapter 9

Packing Supplies Checklist                          (View Outline)

Chapter 10

Moving with Children                                    (View Online)

Chapter 11

Moving with Pets                                            (View Online)

Chapter 12

Interviewing a Veterinarian                          (View Online)

Chapter 13

Packing Valuables and Collectibles            (View Online)

Chapter 14

Inventory List                                                   (View Online)

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