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WolfePack  Transport Story

     WolfePack Transport has been in the transportation industry since 1995 (Over 25 Years). We have been working with one client at a time, allowing us to serve each client with A+ service. Our founder is Pamela Wolfe who has 2 kids, a 22 years old Daughter and an 18-year-old Son along with a husband Scott for almost 25-year-old.  Pam originally got into the transport service industry, because her husband Scott was a manager of an automotive dealership.  Pam’s husband would always complain about how bad the shipping industry is and if only a company would open that was honest and gave a fair cost to ship they would be successful.  After listening to her husband, Pam finally opened  WolfePack Auto Transport.

   The company in 2005 become solely owned by Pam's husband Scott.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pam is no longer with us.  But the company still is run with Pam's philosophy and business practices.

     In January 2020, Scott remarried a beautiful woman, Shira, and added 2 more children a 14-year-old and 25-year-old daughters, along with a beautiful 1-year-old granddaughter.

    Over the years Scott became friends with Mike Bostan who was running a successful transport company, Northeastern, that specialized in shipping and packing households, offices, and short term storage since 2019. Mike has 2 children, 3-year old and 6-year-old boys. Along with a beautiful wife Samantha. Shortly after Scott and Mike became friends they consistently thought they could have a better company if they work together. The problem was that Mike lived in New York, NY, and Scott live in Los Angeles, CA.

     After years of talk and Scott not only running WolfePack Transport, as he is a College Professor as well, they decided to stop the talking and move into action. In 2017 the merger of WolfePack and Northeastern began. It was decided that Mike would run new and existing client relations and Scott would run the backend. Essentially Mike would be the face of the company. With this decision, there was some dissension between the two of them, who has a better-looking face. The decision was finally agreed upon as Mike and Scott's talents were in different areas that would ultimately benefit the client, as the client's needs are ultimately what is important. The company is now bicoastal with Duel Headquarters in Los Angeles and New York. 


Now that you know the history of WolfePack Transport, LLC you can explore the Great History of the Transportation Industry.  Check out the video below;