Packing Supplies Checklist

Proper Packing Can Prevent Property Damage

Moving Boxes, Dish Packs, Bubble Wrap and Tape

Moving Boxes

Small Moving Boxes – Small boxes are ideal for heavy or fragile items that must be packed on their own to ensure ease of handling.

Medium Moving Boxes – Medium boxes tend to be among the most-used moving boxes. They are ideal for small appliances and other household items. These boxes are often most compatible with dish pack and glass pack inserts used to keep fragile glassware insulated.

Large Moving Boxes – Large boxes are ideal for lightweight and medium-weight goods like lampshades, throw pillows and clothing.

X-Large Moving Boxes – X-Large boxes are ideal for bulky lightweight soft goods like comforters, blankets, clothing, and pillows.


Heavy-Duty Boxes – Heavy duty boxes are reinforced with thicker walls for heavier applications. These are ideal for packing and protecting electronics, book collections, and appliances.


Wardrobe Boxes – A wardrobe box is constructed with a hanger bar so that you can transfer shirts, blouses, and suits directly from the closet into the box without folding or wrinkling your clothes. These boxes come in several heights to additionally accommodate longer items such as dresses and pants.


Electronics Boxes – Electronics boxes are specially sized to safely transport home entertainment consoles such as DVD players, stereo amplifiers and gaming systems.


Dish Pack Kit – Dish pack kits are compartmentalized to accommodate dinner plates, salad plates, saucers, and bowls. Many kits include foam padding to enclose and isolate each piece to ensure safe transit.

Glass Pack Kit – Glass pack kits are compartmentalized to accommodate glassware, crystal, and stemware. Many kits include foam padding to enclose and isolate each piece to ensure safe transit.

Box Content Protection

Unprinted News Wrap – Unprinted news wrap is an ideal and inexpensive way to protect fragile items during a move. Unprinted paper stock provides the added advantage of a clean, ink-free move.

Bubble Wrap – A large roll of bubble wrap goes a long way on moving day. Bubble wrap can be used to enclose fragile items and to insulate voids along the sides of boxes to ensure your items make it safely to their destination.

Box Marking Supplies

Permanent Markers – Permanent markers are absolutely necessary to communicate with your moving crew. Mark boxes with inventory, Room and box number, warnings and special instructions.

Notebooks – Inventory List - To keep a list of the room and contents of each box.

Pencils / Pens – To write in your notebook with.

Packing Tape / Box Cutters

Box Tape Dispenser – When taping a large number of boxes, you’ll want a proper dispenser to speed progress. A tape gun will lay seams straight down and help you keep your fingers clear of a sticky mess when cutting.

Box Tape Refills – High-quality box tape will ensure your boxes stay closed and items stay taped during transit. Make sure you have plenty of it on-hand when packing the house.

Box Cutter – Make sure you have plenty of refill blades on-hand too.

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