Packing Valuables

Always Keep Your Valuables Close and Protected

Packing Valuables For A Move

Packing and moving valuables like jewelry, antiques or other items that may have sentimental value and are irreplaceable, are best kept with you or a family member during the move. The moving process can be overwhelming, and you want to be sure not to lose track of things that you rarely use, including those with sentimental value. Regardless of who moves your valuables, these items need to be packed with care during transportation. This doesn’t need to be something that causes you to stress, it just requires a little pre-planning.


Keep Your Valuables Close And Protected

Before the packing starts, take an inventory of your valuables so you that you know where they are and how they are packed and transported to your new home. There are some items we recommend you consider not including in the boxes for WolfePack Logistics, instead, that you keep with you or close to you during a move:

Packing Jewelry

If you have the original packaging for your jewelry, these may be the best option for moving your valuables.

Packing Financial and Legal Documents

Before you begin packing financial documents such as tax records, bank statements, stocks, bonds, and deeds, consider downsizing your paperwork. Scan any documents you need a copy of but do not need the physical document, then shred the original. This will not only cut down on the number of personal boxes you need to transport in your vehicle on moving day but also result in fewer things to keep track of.

Packing Medications & Prescriptions

Perhaps the most personal of all the items you will need to pack, your medications and prescriptions should be kept close to you during your move. If you pack a First Night Box, your medications should go in this box. If they are packed separately, be sure all lids are tightly closed and medications are individually wrapped and placed upright in the box. If you have medications that need controlled temperatures, make proper preparations.

For additional ideas about packing and preparing for a move with WolfePack Moving Services

Your collectibles are your prized possessions and are often irreplaceable.


Naturally, you want to protect them from any possible damage during your move. Follow these steps to help guard fragile items against harm and properly prepare them for packing and loading on a WolfePack Moving Service Truck.

Five-Step Process


One: Get an Appraisal

Extraordinary valuable items need to be appraised by a qualified appraiser; three or more appraisals are always recommended. This will ensure the value of an insurance claim needs to be filed or obtaining homeowners or business policy.

Contact your homeowners or business insurance company to locate three appraisers as this will coincide with your insurance companies' policies of valuable items. The state you reside in will also have a “Directory of Certified Professional Personal Property Appraisers,” that you can refer to. WolfePack does not recommend one appraiser over another and does not hold any liability in the appraiser of your choosing. We can only recommend that you do your research, before choosing an appraiser. Remember that most appraisers charge a flat fee or an hourly rate for services. Please Ask in Advance.

When getting an appraisal, make sure to clearly photograph the item with the appraiser in the background and their actual appraisal. This creates a digital copy and creates a timeline of when the property was in your possession and value. You may also want to consider using a video camera to show larger items.

Before WolfePack Packing Service boxing up these items make sure to give a detailed list and copies of the appraisal to your WolfePack Packing Supervisor. You also need to get your WolfePack Personal Representative the appraisals, high-quality photographs, insurance policy listing the items in advance. WolfePack Packing Services will have to build special crates to protect these items.

Two: Review Your Moving Protection Plan

Your personal WolfePack Moving Service Representative will provide the basic insurance plan and what is available to you, depending on the state you reside in. It is always important that you supplement any Insurance Policy with a separate one from your own insurance company.


Make sure to fill out a High-Value Inventory Form, have copies of the appraisals, and photographs from several different angles showing the condition of these items (high-quality photos), supplemental insurance policy listing the items.  This needs to be given to your WolfePack Moving Service Representative in advance of moving day.

Three: Prepare for Packing

Before your belongings are packed, you may want to check antique items for any special cleaning that might be required.

Check your local hardware, furniture store or antique dealer for cleaning products for fine furniture.

Avoid the use of any type of oil or wax product on wood furniture immediately before you move especially if these items will be going into storage. Some products might soften the finish, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.

If you are uncertain about the care of a particular antique piece, a local historical society or library might have books on the subject. An antique dealer may have helpful hints as well.

Four: Pack, Wrap and Protect on Moving Day

It is very important that you or an appointed representative be present on packing and moving days to identify items needing special handling. It is also helpful so packers and van operators can ask questions along the way and an inventory can be taken and verified. All boxes need to be marked with a special “Fragile Packing Labels”


Most large, heavy pieces of furniture will be wrapped in thick pads to help protect them while in transit.

Five: Loading and Delivery

When you reach your destination, carefully check the inventory of your household goods and antiques before signing the receipt. If any servicing or reassembly is required after you reach your new home, notify your WolfePack Moving Specialist so they can have a WolfePack Unpacking specialist on-site. If there is any damage to items you need to immediately notify the onsight supervisor and call WolfePack Logistics emergency contact 866-945-7778


Proper preparation is all it takes to allow you to enjoy your special items for many generations to come. Please consult your WolfePack Moving Company Specialist with any questions.


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