A Call To Our Neighbors As They Are Our Family.

Hi everyone,

Here at WolfePack, I wanted to touch base with all our family members, friends, neighbors, businesses, and so forth.

As things are rapidly changing I wanted to let everyone know the steps we have taken to help our neighbors as at the end of the day we are all one thing and one thing only and that is Americans as Americans it is our responsibility to reach out to our neighbors and help them.

Our great country was built on the value system of a Judo Christian Society and over the last few years, we have forgotten that. During this time of crisis it is important to go back to the center of this nation's values and pay it forward, so put on your gloves and masks and knock on your neighbor's door and ask them how they are holding up if there are any supplies they are running low on and see if you have some of what they need and share it with them.

Please stop hoarding needed supplies and pay it forward and share it as it will come back tenfold. As we have all been to the stores and Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Dairy Products, Meats, Pasta, and so forth are nowhere to be found.

Last Friday my wife Shira stopped at the local store to see if by some chance of luck they had any Milk in stock. Of course, they did not, but through the refrigerated case that normally holds the Milk, she spotted two 150 egg boxes. She immediately asked if she could purchase them and they said yes but you can only buy the whole box because they are not separate cartons. Shira snatched them up and returned home. After she got home we put 18 eggs in the refrigerator, then put on our gloves and masks and started knocking on our neighbor's doors. We asked them if they needed some eggs as we have some to share. The neighbors were so grateful, by this random act of kindness. This is what has made our country the best in the world.

Today is Sunday morning and I opened the front door check the mail, as I forgot to check on Saturday and there were two packs of toilet paper, and a case of water and a note sitting there that said, thank you for the eggs and inspiring me to share what we have too much of, your neighbor.

Thanks for being the great people you are.

Scott D. Wolfe

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