Rubbish Removal

After Pickup

After the moving truck picks up all your personal belonging, no matter how much we have tossed in the trash during the moving process you are always going to have boxes, packing material, and just stuff that is leftover and needs to get hauled off to the dump. WolfePack Rubbish Removal will get it done for you.

After Move-in

After you move into your new place there are going to be lots of boxes, packing material, and crates that need to be hauled away. We will send someone from our Rubbish Removal Team to get it picked up. WolfePack Rubbish Removal is there for you. All boxes and packing material that is reusable gets donated to low-income families.

Eco-friendly Initiative

Over the last 20 years, it has been a passion of ours to commit to bettering and protecting the environment, health, and safety of our clients, by sanitizing our enclosed trucks every time we complete our load and the health and safety of our employees (family). The process of sanitizing our trailers is done with the highest quality of environmentally friendly products and equipment. WolfePack recognizes that it is our responsibility to do our part and protecting the planet for future generations.


WolfePack’s foundation was built on our values and it still is the guiding beacon today. Our values are what guide our actions and make us different from other companies. We conduct our business practices in a socially responsible and ethical manner. WolfePack respects the laws of the states that we conduct business in and our federal government. WolfePack Transport supports universal human rights and at the same time respects other cultures, races, religions, and an individual’s rights. 

Let WolfePack be your goto company for all things moving and beyond, 

so you can focus on the things that you want to do before move-out day or Move in.

WolfePack Transport offers a plethora of moving services to choose from. You can mix and match them to fit into your budget, timeline and specific requirements. Request a quote from one of our moving and transport experts. WolfePack Transport is an expert in the Vehicle Transport industry. WolfePack Logistics is an expert in the Residential Moving, Business Moving, and Relocation Services. WolfePack has you covered for all your transportation and moving needs. Request a quote today and see how easy it is to customize a moving plan! 

Full-Service Packages

Save time and hassle by customizing our moving services to create your own personal move plan.

Packing & Unpacking
Don’t have time to pack all of your belongings? WolfePack offers both full and partial packing options to meet your budget and your specific moving needs.

Storage Services
Some moves take a little extra time. Our storage services help keep your items secure as you finalize your move-in dates and plans.

Cleaning Services
Let WolfePack Cleaning Service takes one more thing off your plate and have one of or professionals handle it for you. Our goal with facilitating cleaning for our customers is to further alleviate the chaos and anxiety that can come along with house or office cleaning before moving out of your current office or home and into your new one. WolfePack Cleaning Service can handle both sides. We will clean the o
ffice or house you are moving out of after everything has been removed. We will also clean the New House or Officer before you move in. We can even have our professionals come back after you have 100% unpacked.

Electronics and Computers teardown and reinstall services.

Not good at dealing with electronics, let one of our experts disassemble your current systems and reinstall them and the new location. 

Vehicle Transportation

Do you have too many cars to drive to your new location, is one or more of your vehicle unable to drive the distance, do you have a motorcycle or ATV that needs to be shipped, is one of your vehicle not drivable or will just not start? WolfePack is there for you. We have specialized vehicle moving equipment to take care of it. Call one of our WolfePack Auto Transport Experts to help.