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Safety Procedures - COVID-19 / Coronavirus


At the WolfePack family, we care about our clients, employees, vendors. WolfePack does not look at or staff, vendors, and clients as anything except family. And during this Pandemic, it is important to take care of our family and each one of you is our family.

We have implemented several steps that we have taken to protect our family.

  1. As of March 18th, all of our office staff will be working remotely from their homes. We have ordered a new voice over IP system, laptop computers, and interoffice chat system, remote computer login, that will allow us to work as if we were all in the same office.

  2. Every truck has gone through a disinfecting process.

  3. Each and one of our carriers/drivers have been issued masks, gloves, disinfectant gel, wipes, and best safety practice procedures.

  4. Each one of our packing and moving teams has been issued masks, gloves, disinfectant gel, wipes, and best safety practice procedures.

  5. Each one of our vendors, contractors, packing and moving teams has been issued best safety practices information and access to safety equipment and supplies that we have issued to our inhouse carriers/drivers.

  6. As there is so much false information out there on the internet, we have put a link on every one of our websites that will help our family keep up to date on the Coronavirus.


With these and other implementations, WolfePack will be there to serve our clients even better than before. And yes we will and are remaining open to shipping your vehicle, household goods, and offices. Our corporate relocation division is open and running full strength. All our divisions are open and running at full strength.

If you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service family and please check back with us and the link on our website for further updates.

Thank you for being and becoming part of the WolfePack family,

Scott D. Wolfe and Mike Boston

At WolfePack we feel it is essential that we do our part in helping our Country. This country was based on a Judeo Christian Society and Value System. We as a society over the last several years have lost our way, but when tragedy strikes us we pull together and that is what makes this country the best in the world.


In the last video, I spoke of all the actions we have taken to keep our family of employees, clients, contractors and more.


I stopped by the office today and it made me sad that the desks were not full and the phones are not ringing. I had to remind myself that everyone is still working and the phones are slower but they still are ringing as we work remotely, to be safe.


When I opened up the supply closet, I saw multiple cases of latex gloves and N95 industrial masks. I remembered a little over a year ago I was ordering supplies and I added a ZERO to my order and we received enough for us to use for the next 10 plus years. I loaded almost all of it into the back of one of our pickup trucks and delivered it to the county health department for distribution to local hospitals and care facilities. This was just one part of our Pay It Forward objective at WolfePack Transport.


Another part of Pay It Forward is we have taken 75% of our fleet of Tractor Trailers / Truck and drivers out of service and put them on loan to deliver essential supplies, to markets, hospitals, care facilities and so on. This is a losing proposition for us as a company. What the public doesn’t know or understand in the freight side of the trucking industry the profit margins are normally extremely low. During this crisis, it is even lower, we are not breaking even.


Our accounting staff asked why are we taking on these loads, and I said it is simple, we are all Americans and human beings and when a crisis call it becomes time to Pay It Forward. I also told them if we have to deplete our cash reserves and my savings so be it. Because at the end of the day I know I have done all that I could do to help my fellow American.

This is the time in our country when we have to once again turn to the challenge we received in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy uttered, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”


I am challenging every one of you to open up your closets, pantries, and see what you have to much of and knock on your neighbor's doors and ask them if they are running low on the items you have too much of.


Scott D. Wolfe


Over the last 20 years, it has been a passion of ours to commit to bettering and protecting the environment, health, and safety of our clients, by sanitizing our enclosed trucks every time we complete our load and the health and safety of our employees (family). The process of sanitizing our trailers is done with the highest quality of environmentally friendly products and equipment. WolfePack recognizes that it is our responsibility to do our part and protecting the planet for future generations.


WolfePack’s foundation was built on our values and it still is the guiding beacon today. Our values are what guide our actions and make us different from other companies. We conduct our business practices in a socially responsible and ethical manner. WolfePack respects the laws of the states that we conduct business in and our federal government. WolfePack Transport supports universal human rights and at the same time respects other cultures, races, religions, and an individual’s rights.


WolfePack has always made a commitment, to our clients, the community, and our family (employees).

  1. To protect the environment.

  2. To give back to the community we conduct business in, the Time to Pay-It-Forward Initiative.

  3. To listen to all our clients’ needs on Vehicle Transport Services, Residential Moving, Business Moving, Corporate Relocation, and anything else they may need.

  4. Give fair and reasonable prices on all transport, moving, and any other service needed.

  5. To maintain the highest level of integrity, as that is what we expect our clients to have in WolfePack as a company and with our family.

  6. Understand and express that you may start as a client, but by the time we do your transport or move you are part of our family.

  7. Be available to our family’s needs.

  8. Work hard at making each and every family member happy.

  9. Enjoy working with our newest and oldest family members.

  10. Take pride within ourselves and giving fair and honest cost to ship or move your prized possessions.

Thank you,

Scott D. Wolfe

Time to Pay-It-Forward Initiative
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